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Imagen  4 classic every summer

4 classic every summer

Coctelería Creativa

By Lina Vanegas*

Summer is always a season expected in coastal latitudes, is a different way of living and breathing linked to relax and vacation. A time of rest where you forget about routine for a few days and enjoy the beach. It is a time to reconnect with friends, to enjoy the little things, to spend time with the family, to get in touch with nature and to pursue pleasure.

People find that positive, pleasant and euphoric feeling through the satisfaction of basic needs like a simple drink, a meal, a good sleep or a fun time. This is exactly the same effect in the summer with these 4 classic cocktails that are the best company to enjoy during one of the best times of year:

1 Fruit Mojito. The Mojito is a traditional cocktail that was created in Cuba by the mixture of rum, sugar, lime, mint and sparkling water. It is said that since the sixteenth century was consumed by sailors and warriors for helping to improve the vitamin C and it was refreshing.

One of its main prescribers was Ernest Hemingway who drank it daily in La Bodeguita del Medio. It was prepared with fruit too.

Some variations of the mojito:

Granada Mojito

Granada Mojito

Mojito rawal

Mojito rawal

2. Caipirinha: is a typical Brazilian cocktail made ​​with rum, lime, sugar and ice. There are many variations, for example if you add vodka instead of cachaça it is called caipiroska. Another variation with rum is known as caipirissima.

The origin of the caipirinha is related to the nineteenth century where slaves from Brazil drank "garapa", a sugar cane juice, boiled and unfermented. This preparation was mixed with the local brandy and fruits in festivals and rituals.This product was considered too as a medicine against flu epidemic in 1918 for its healing properties and vitamin C.

Some versions of the Caipirinha:

Caipi Criolla

Caipi criolla


Pear and Lavender Caipi

Pear and lavander caipi

3. Daiquiri: The daiquiri is a cocktail made with light rum and lemon juice although has varied through different fruits. Its origin is located on the beach in Santiago de Cuba, where an American engineer, known as Jennings Cox made the mix and gave the name. Today it is believed that there are more than 20 kinds of cocktails Daiquiri.

Some variations of the Daiquiri:




150 th

150 th

4. Piña Colada: the mixture of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. Its origin is in Puerto Rico since 1978. It was said that it has been used as a drink to inspire moral and strong to pirates in the area. One of the causes that gave popularity to this cocktail was the song by Rupert Holmes - "The Piña Colada Song".

*Lina Vanegas
More about Lina here 



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