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Milano Cocktail-Bar

Old Fashioned glass


4 Cl.Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
1 Cl.Licor St. Germain
1 Cl.Lime Juice
1.5 Cl.Tangerine juice
1 Cl.Panela Syrup - Homemade


Previously: Yanaida prepares a panela syrup, clove, cinnamon, lime, pepper and vanilla.

Preparation: this cocktail is cooled by the "escanceado" method; you will need two mixing glasses. In one add all ingredients and in the other put 3 to 5 rock ice and use a strainer. The method involves passing the fluid from one vessel to the other taking distance between them, to oxygenate the mixture while is cooled. Serve in an Old fashioned glass adding 2-3 new rock ice.

Garnish: cinnamon stick, a bouquet of currants and a lime with powder gold and clove.

Picture by © Coctelería Creativa - George RestrepoPicture by © Coctelería Creativa - George Restrepo

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