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Imagen Momento di Piacere

Momento di Piacere

Giacomoloris Giannotti

Design glass


1 BlowAngostura Bitter
5 Cl.Coffee
3 SeedCardamom
3.5 Cl.Frangelico
3 Cl.Pineapple puree


Previously: Giacomo uses the Angostura Bitters with a chocolate maceration. Using a load of Illy coffee, he prepares an espresso to use it on the cocktail.
Preparation: In the glass of a shaker muddle cardamom seeds with the expresso coffee, add the remaining ingredients and 3-5 rock ice. Shake with energy until you have a homogeneous mixture and serve in a Martini-coupette glass with crushed ice. Double-strain.
Garnish: pineapple leaves, star anise, coffee beans and a slice of melted chocolate tiramisu.
Accompaniment: Giacomo accompanies this cocktail with a scoop of pistaccio.
Inspiration: Giacomo says his inspiration is based on the importance that is having coffee in our society. Mainly at the time of day when we stop to enjoy the little pleasures that can be, for example, to accompany a good coffee while reading the newspaper. Or to put aside the stress of work and spend a few minutes in a conversation with friends. Giacomo says that for him the coffee moment is magical.
Note: about the ingredients, Giacomo was inspired by the way the Turkish people and since 1500 - took the coffee mixed with cardamom, and wanted to give a tropical touch using pineapple, also because in most countries where coffee is produces are in the tropical countries of South America. The Italian touch is given by the historic Italian liqueur notes leading hazelnut coffee notes also protagonists in the mixture. And to maintain a touch of bitterness at the end of the cocktail, a few drops of bitters.

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