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Santa Teresa Arakú Rating:3

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Imagen Santa Teresa Arakú

Family:Other Liqueur
Brand:Santa Teresa


The Vollmer, a legend
Once upon a time there was a man named Gustav Julius, son of the great marine merchant Mr. Vollmer, who traveled on business from Germany to the distant lands of Venezuela. He was invited to the Hacienda Santa Teresa, owned by the family of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, whose cousin steal the heart of Gustav. In this property he discovered a magnificent liqueur, the rum and he could not resist to it. Without thinking twice, Gustav wrote to his father to tell him bout his two sweetest of life: his fiancee Panchita Ribas and the immense business opportunity with the rum. But Mr. Vollmer never arrived to Venezuelan territory. In his journey, his ship was engulfed by the unpredictable waters of the Atlantic. Gustav Vollmer continues his dream, he married his beloved Panchita, and inherited the Hacienda Santa Teresa. As a tribute to his father, he decided to used as an emblem of Santa Teresa, the Compass Rose, symbol carried by the ships belonging to its fleet and is present in all the Santa Teresa products. Santa Teresa. Imported from the past.

  • Denomination: mestizo Rum and Coffee Liqueur
  • Origin: Ron de Venezuela.
  • Elaboration process: Arakú is a mestizo liqueur of rum and coffee. It is the result of combining Santa Teresa añejos, aged for two years in white American oak barrels, with a refined yet powerful coffee infusion.
  • Aged up to 2 years.
  • Alcohol content: 28º.

Tasting notes
  • To the sight: roast coffee color, dense and bright.
  • To the nose: roast aroma, creamy with light vanilla-like notes, wood.
  • To the palate: creamy coffee, sweet, robust body, balanced, sticky, smooth.


Drinking suggestions: on the rocks or just chilled, with desserts, as a cocktail and culinary ingredient. It is perfect to create the Arakú Expresso Martini.

Source: Osborne
Product Website: Ron Santa Teresa

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