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Oxley is the first gin produced with the innovative process of cold distillation. It differs from conventional methods because this distillation is done by using a vacuum pump to reduce the pressure and temperature inside the still allowing the distillation to occur at -5 ° C approximately so the molecules of botanicals doesn’t change, transferring their natural essences to the liquid to result in the fresh, radiant and smooth flavor that characterizes Oxley.

The heat used in traditional distillation can interfere with the natural flavors making the delicate aromas and flavors of the botanical ingredients get lost or altered. With cold distillation the strong pine aroma of juniper berries is avoided, keeping the real flavors of the berry. 


Oxley is made of 14 botanical ingredients processed manually, like juniper, citrus fruits and  Meadowsweet. This one is rarely used in the production of gin, but very suitable for cold distillation The Meadowsweet  gives almond flavor to the gin and it also helps harmonize all the other botanicals. Cold distillation also helps the maceration of citrus fruit like lemon, grapefruit and orange.

Tasting notes
  • Aroma: Notably fresh, clean and bright. It has a bright, sweet lemon tart aroma which is rounded and harmonized by fresh juniper and aniseed.
  • Palate: very elegant texture with a round boy. There is an initial juicy, sweet citrus flavor, balanced by a more dominant juniper flavor that fills the palate. There are light spice and herbal note that provide an elegant and long finish. 


The delicate distillation process of Oxley makes very low productions, with only two batches of 120 bottles, but of a very high quality. In addition, each bottle of Oxley is bottled by hand and finally, after passing all quality controls, is ornamented with a leather band as final seal of quality.


Source: Equipo Singular

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