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Imagen  The world of flowers in cocktails

The world of flowers in cocktails

Lina Vanegas

The flower´s echo perfumes the night, embellish it of colors, smells and flavors. The flowers are present in the production of certain liquors. They could be a garnish, a medicine, part of tea, an edible or a killer flower.

Flowers language and symbolism is attributed to the Greeks, in fact is said that since ancient times flowers are classified on the basis of their color:

- White flowers: represent purity, innocence and feminine ingenuity.

- Red flowers: symbol of love, passion, ardor and ambition.

- Green Flowers: are associated with hope and success.

- Blue flowers : they are linked to the concept of wisdom , birth and impossible love.

- Yellow flowers: they are a symbol of wealth, abundance and success.

About the power of its flavor, it is usually associated with the sweetness, an exciting power that leaves in the taste of those who try it a footprint hard to forget. The firsts distillations with flowers were made a long time ago, especially in the Arab culture. An example is the rose water from lotions and perfumes.

Also in the Middle Ages, they want to obtain liquor healers through scents that did not have a pleasant taste, so they began to use flowers as an extra ingredient to enhance the feeling when it was ingested.

The flowers were also used by primitive people for the preparation of dishes, for example Romans used roses, violets and daisies. In the Renaissance they were used in order to give color to the dishes and to flavor food. There are reports of production of sweet flowers in the Seventeenth century. And in recent decades they are more present in salads, pies, jams and desserts.

Today flowers are becoming an ingredient used in the preparation of cocktails, especially if they are edible. As an ingredient for human consumption are very delicate that require to be in a refrigerator at high temperatures. Fortunately, more and more business houses have noticed the rise of this ingredient and it is becoming easier to get flowers suitable for consumption.

The most common edible flowers are:

- Begonia red Sugar

- Calendula Power

- Clavel Freedom

- Petals of Tagetes Sun

- Rose Petals Badior

- Borage Flower

- Queen Petunia

- Electric Flower

- Chives Flower

Flowers give freshness, strength, joy, color, attractive and refreshing with a varied flavor with snacks and digestive cocktails. It also provide decorative elegance, distinction, and striking energy with a drink value.

Another great strength is the variety of texture, there are fleshy, crunchy, salty, spicy and sweet. Also flowers are high in nutrients and vitamins that have a positive effect on those who eat them.

The use of the flower is also very varied, you can infuse or muddle it according to the touch and the result you want to achieve. And they are also part of the production of bitters, syrups and teas.

Some cocktails made with liquors containing flowers as ingredients:

LY , June cocktail, grape flower liqueur created by George Restrepo



MARCO POLO, cocktail with G’Vine jasmine tea, gin and grape flowers .

Marco Polo}


AFTER THE STORM , cocktail with edible dry flowers syrup, a version of the classic dark storming .

After the storm


SACRED JERULIA cocktail with dandelion syrup , Hendrick’s gin with rose petals and friendly quinetum bulgaria with lavender flower among its ingredients .

Sacred Jerulia


AVIATION cocktail with violet liqueur and gin. A modern classic.


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