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Imagen Mojito Sensación Manzana

Mojito Sensación Manzana

Elisa Vidal Cabanillas

Cocktail glass


1 T spoonPeppermint Caviar
6 Cl.Apple foam
12 Cl.Fuji apple puree
6 Cl.Zacapa 23


Previous methods and steps:

  1. For the purée, Elisa used a vacuum-packing method of fuji apple cubes with mint leaves and let stand for 48 hours. Later, these cubes are unpacking to macerate in the cup and make the puree.
  2. For the apple foam she used 10 cl. / 100 ml. sugar syrup, 20 cl. / 200 ml. apple juice and 2.5 agar sheets (you will need a cream siphon and a load of CO2).
  3. For caviar, Elisa did the spherification using crushed peppermint, then filtered and left by 12 hours. After that, she added 1.5 grams. of sodium alginate, 1 gr. sodium citrate. The mixture was shaked turmix and let stand for 1 hour. In a separate container, she dissolved 2.5 gr. of calcium chloride in 500 ml. water (vessel for bath chloride).
  4. With a small syringe, she applied the peppermint mixture with alginate in the chloride (immediate spherification). The chloride bath time makes the hardness of the caviar, so if you want a caviar to explode on contact with the mouth, Elisa recommended that the passage through the chloride bath is only 9 seconds.

In an Old Fashion glass add the apple cubes prepared (12 cl. / 120 ml.), add 6 cl / 60 ml. of Ron Zacapa 23. Then, crushed with a mortar and filled the glass with crushed ice (2/3 parts).

Finally, apply the cream siphon apple foam and decorate with a slice of apple and mint caviar.

Picture by Coctelería CreativaPicture by Coctelería Creativa

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