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Sotelo Torontel Rating:3

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Bodega Sotelo began its operations approx. 150 years ago, founded by Cipriano Vasquez as Bodega Loyola, for decades was one of the best in the Pisco region. Then, when the hard times arrived and Don Cipriano was not among the living the winery got lost for nearly 60 years. In 1972 Julio Sotelo Vasquez decides to take the family history and resurrect it. Now is his son, Julio Sotelo Alca, belonging to the 5th generation of pisqueros of the family, who has taken over the business and in a few years has achieved awards and notoriety needed to live up to its heritage, with 25 gold medals and 20 silver in various regional and national competitions. Julio is chemical engineer and oenologist, experience that has helped him to balance the technological innovation necessary in these times with respect to the traditional process his great-grandfather's developed in the farm.

  • It's our best strain, it has an intense and sweet aroma perceived in peach, loquat and vanilla in a persistent mouth chocolate flavor, chamomile and fresh fruits. Ideal for taking pure, for Chilcano or to accompany desserts like lemon pie or passion fruit.
  • Origin Denomination Pisco.
  • Distilled in Falca.
  • Certified to traceability and good manufacturing practices.

Tasting notes
  • Nose: good presence of alcohol; seductive aroma of apple, peach, lime, pineapple, pear. Candied fruit, vanilla, lemon verbena, honey, orange blossom and Jazminn.
  • Taste: slightly sweet and unctuous income, alcohol fills the mouth and joins perfectly with fruits, such as peach, orange, lime and pineapple.
  • Related Ingredients: vanilla, passion fruit, orange, roses.


Recommendations in mixology: the Torontel Pisco is a sweet, very floral notes so it is recommended to use it in cocktails with few ingredients that do not lose the sweet in the mouth or the intense aroma of flowers. Is a Pisco which requires not mixing with syrup, since it tends to maximize the sweets in a cocktail, so it is recommended to use the sweetness of natural fresh fruit or in dry cocktails without syrup. It is recommended for cocktails with orange or tangerine. Example: Chilcano Tangerine, Roses Chilcano, Canario, Pisco Sunrise, Passion fruit Sour.

For its flavor and intense aroma persists been awarded to:

  • 3 Gold Medals
  • 2 Silver Medals

Source: Pisco Sotelo

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muy buena opcion de combinacion en cocteles para el paladar