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Markham - Tonic water Rating:3

Visited: 1842

Imagen Markham - Tonic water

Family:Juices, soft and non-alcoholic drinks


Markham Premium Indian Tonic Water is a premium tonic that has its origins in India, the birthplace of the tonic water. Its name is in honor of Sir Clements R. Markham, who introduced the quinine into this colony to prevent the malaria. In fact, it was in the India of the British Empire where soldiers first mixed quinine with lime, water and sugar.

It is the perfect tonic water to combine with gin, thanks to its softness, its slight bitter taste and the perfect combination of botanicals. Besides its smoothness, another major attribute is its freshness. The optimal fine bubbles and carbonation give a perfect taste to this premium drink that includes subtle touches of citrus. Markham is made with natural ingredients including basic essential oils and natural quinine. It has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Also shows a slight aroma of citrus and quinine.

  • Is imported directly from England, where it is made ​​by an expert consultant in premium tonic. Here is bottled and manufactured in modern facilities with the most comprehensive quality control (ISO, BRC).
  • One of the most characteristic elements of this new drink is the bottle. Thus, in its front appears a transparent label with a Hindu elephant as main image. It is a sacred animal that according to the culture of Southeast Asia brings good luck. This appears dressed in hand-embroidered blankets, the same used in the "Elephants Festival" of India. In addition, this charismatic animal has his face adorned with typical Hindu drawings and trunk upwards, symbol of good luck; in the bottom of the label appears in Sanskrit (Devanagari) an ancient Hindu proverb meaning "Walk like an elephant", a phrase which aims to encourage people to enjoy life every moment. Behind the elephant, slightly blurred, there is a typical Indian jungle. The front label, transparent, allows to appreciate the inside of the back, showing a map of the British Colonial India past century. In addition, the back label, in silvery tones, includes a miniature elephant on the barcode.
Source: The Bridge agency 

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