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Jägermeister Rating:3

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Imagen Jägermeister

Family:Other Liqueur


This herbal liqueur, with 35% of alcohol volume, is made by Mast-Jägermeister SE, business of familiar tradition in Germany, with more of 135 years of history, and that brought the brand Jägermeister to the german market in 1935. In this precise moment was when the name Jägermeister and the image of the Sant Hubert deer head were registered as official brands. Since it was created by Curt Mast, Jägermeister have been continuing to produce according to the original recipe in the central headquarters in Wolfenbüttel.


Since Jägermeister was created more than 75 years ago, its production has been based on a secret recipe of 56 different herbs, flowers, roots and fruits around the world, among those you can find star anise, cinammon and ginger roots, in addition to a group of other secret herbs.

Distillate masters are the ones who make possible the existence of Jägermeister. for its production, the first step consists in weight individually and with a lot of precision each one of the ingredients to transform them in a mixture of dry herbs later. This mixture is steeped during several weejs with a process of moderate cold maceration, for leaving it breathe in oak barrels for one year. When it is released from the tanks, it's mixed with alcohol, caramelized sugar, liquid sugar and purified water to get the final product – Jägermeister. It needs to be highlighted that each one of the herbals liqueur bottles is subjected to 383 quality controls before it is out of the manufacturing plant. Is then when the well-knoen and worldwide beloved Jägermeister is obtained – a herbs liqueur unique due to its quality and flavour. 

Tasting notes

The Jägermeister flavour is partly spicy but harmonious, and this is the distinction for what people like to drink it alone: as a really cold shot or with ice. Its flavour presents citric hints, of ginger and star anise, accompanied by a slightly bitter herbal note. Is the balanced mixture of its components that gives it a suggestive flacour to create really good and tasty combinations for cocktails and longdrinks.


There are many common elements in all the markets and the characteristics of Jägermeister that makes him know, as its green bottle, its label with the Jägermeister typology, the saint Huber deer head and the famous poem written in german by Oskar von Riesenthal.

Source: Mast-Jägermeister SE

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