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Angostura Orange Bitter Rating:3

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The legend begins with Johann Siegert. Originally from Germany and medicine Doctor, he left his country in 1820 to join Simon Bolivar in Venezuela in his struggle against the Spanish throne.  Dr. Siegert wanted to use the bitters to relieve his patients but the results were different. The town of Angostura, located on the banks of the Orinoco River, was an important trading site. The ships came to this port from everywhere and frequently with sailors complaining of dizziness. When heard the restorative qualities of Dr. Siegert's remedies, the Angostura ® aromatic bitters began its continuing trip around the world. In 1830, Dr. Siegert exported his unique aromatic bitters to England and Trinidad. With the new century, the company ventured into the rum market. In late 1960, they had spread the distribution of its products to more than 140 countries around the world.


Blending two varieties of citrus essence with their distinctive herbs and spices – creates a truly unique new style of bitters. The perfect enhancement to an endless variety of culinary delights and cocktails. 



  • Did you know that the Angostura® aromatic bitters stain clothes, wood or any surface and if it dries, it won’t be possible to remove the stain?
  • A lady was throwing Angostura® aromatic bitters on her legs at a restaurant. When she was asked the reason why, she replied: Don’t you know that this is the best mosquito repellent? Keeps mosquitoes away!
  • Angostura aromatic bitters® are not bitter when poured into food and drinks. Bitters is simply the generic category for products made from gentian, herbs and spices.
  • There are many stories of why the label ended up being too big for the bottle, but probably the most famous is that it simply was the result of the lazy attitude of people in the Caribbean. When someone ordered the wrong size of the label and realized the mistake, everyone thought someone else will fix it. When nobody did, it was decided to stay with the large label.
  • Another story about the label is that one man went to buy the bottle and another man the label. Back in the office, they realized that the label was very large, but were short of time. So they decided to stick the label in the bottle.
  • Angostura aromatic bitters® appease the acidity of citrus ingredients. This is particularly important for those who are sensitive to acidic taste.

Source: Unesdi
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