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Excellia Reposado - Tequila Rating:3

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Imagen Excellia Reposado - Tequila Picture by © Foto cortesía: RenaissancePicture by © Foto cortesía: Renaissance

Family:Tequila / Mezcal


Excellia™ is the fruit of the meeting of two visionary men: 
Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of EWG Spirits & Wine, groundbreaking brand creator and producer (G'Vine gin and esprit de June liqueur) and Carlos Camarena, precursor and award-winning tequila master-distiller (Tapatio and El Tesoro tequilas) and at the origin of the "Extra-Añejo" category.

Sharing the same common values, the two men respect the traditions, know-hows and the culture they’re coming from while implementing their innovative vision to the spirit industry.


Handcrafted in the highlands of Jalisco, Excellia™ is made from 100% agave Tequilana Weber Blue. 
The estate grown blue agave plants are cut by hand, cooked slowly in traditional bricks and stone ovens. The cooked agaves are shredded and crushed to extract the aromatic agave juice and then fermented in wooden vats and twice distilled in copper stills. 
A separate ageing in vintage grand cru sauternes casks and in twenty-years-old cognac barrels followed by a unique blending completes this very authentic tequila making-process.

Excellia™ Reposado: aged nine months - Reposado tequilas must be aged at least two months.

Tasting notes

While Reposados tequila must be aged at least for 2 months, Excellia Reposado is a blend of two tequilas aged 8 months in barrels of Cognac and Grand Cru Sauternes.

  • Visually: clear, pale yellow with golden highlights.
  • Bouquet: complex. At first we find sweet, spice and wood notes. Red-wine aromas mixed with fruit and other spices in perfect union with the notes of wood and the barrels containing wine. Memories of chocolate, cherry, white flowers and nectar.
  • Evolution on mouth: gradually becomes more and more spicy chocolate notes in harmony with red berries. Agave, honey and wood.
  • Ending: round, spicy, balanced and persistent.


Excellia Reposado is perfect alone "on the rocks" and as a  perfect base for cocktails.

Source: Global Premium Brands
Product Website: Excellia

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