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Lagavulin 30 Years Old Rating:3

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Many believe that is one of the oldest distilleries of Scotland; in 1742 it already had about ten illegal stills where one of the most unique Islay Malta Whiskies was developed. It was in 1816 when in Port Ellen, the farmer and distiller John Johnston founded the first legal distillery. After his death it was acquired by the merchant Alexander Graham who joined it with the Ardmore distillery, founded in 1817 by Archibald Campbell. James Logan Mackie & Co. were the successors in the direction of Lagavulin, making a successful growing business. Today, the Single Malt Scotch Whisky is developed by twelve men who make possible that the dark ocher Lagavulin is part of the six Classic Malts of Diageo since 1988: Lagavulin, Talisker, Oban, Dalwhinnie, Cragganmore and Glenkinchie.

Tasting notes
  • Bright amber.
  • Surprising aroma and difficult to identify whether blind tasting; ripe, tropical, melon and light notes of smoke pipe. After a while chestnuts appear. A touch of water enhances the notes of varnish, cedar and almond oil. Over time it becomes wood oil and resin.
  • Ripe and soft body.
  • Palate reluctant to reveal its personality, balanced and long. It is preferable to enjoy it without reducing its graduation. It becomes more and more smoked after a surprising initial sweetness. The nuances of smoke finish over sweet notes of apple and melon.
  • Finish very long. Woody and not too smoky in the last minute.

Source: Diageo
Product Website: Lagavulin

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