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Goa London Dry Gin Rating:3

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Imagen Goa London Dry Gin

Brand:Goa Gin


Goa London Dry Gin, a luxurious and delicate gin, true to British style. The name is an homage to the smallest state of India, origin and quintessence of the British colonial era.

Back to the origins, it was in India where the Gin and Tonic was created. British officers began to mix gin with their daily ration of quinine tonic, which was required to prevent malaria, and their favourite cocktail was born.


Goa Gin is carefully elaborated in the Thames Distillery, one of the oldest in London. Its unique process of elaboration and selected raw materials are the key to its exquisite taste and aroma.

Another distinctive trait of Goa Gin lies in the fact that it is five times distilled in small batches from 100% neutral grain spirit at 116 degrees Fahrenheit, done the traditional way.

Goa Gin is made with 8 botanicals from the best sources in Africa, Asia, Europe and America, blended together to create an original, unique gin which help you experience the Premium side of life. These botanicals are:

  1. Juniper berries
  2. Angelica root
  3. Cardamom pods
  4. Cumin powder
  5. Nutmeg powder
  6. Coriander seeds
  7. Caraway seeds
  8. Cassia quills

The mixture of these elements give the blend a distinctive harmony which makes Goa Gin stand out from the rest of the brands.

Tasting notes

Filled with a fresh and exciting bouquet, cumin and cardamom stand out among the eight botanicals, bringing the memory of Indian curry to mind. In the palate, it displays an intense aroma and well integrated alcohol.

This is a tasty, dry and highly flavoured gin. With a strong botanical character, a delicate equilibrium between juniper berries and the exotic notes of cumin and fresh cardamom, its final warmth is very pleasant on the tongue. Goa Gin was awarded 91 points in the latest edition of the prestigious Peñín Guide.

With exotic and spicy notes, this fabulously crisp gin and tonic is very pleasant on the palate. Remarkable in its uniqueness, this very especial cocktail takes us back to India through the senses. Goa Gin is an excellent after dinner drink to be enjoyed among friends for a really unique, original moment of intense pleasure.

Drink moderately and responsibly. 47 % alc/vol. 


Goa Gin is best served with Schweppes' Pink Pepper Heritage tonic water. Fill a balloon glass with ice and stir until cold. Remove the melted water from the glass and pour 4 or 5 cl of Goa Gin to obtain the right proportion in the final mix.

Add the tonic water with a swizzle stick to prevent the loss of carbonation, serving it very slowly until the mix is perfect.

Add a fresh lime wedge and muddle to release the essential oils. Do the same with an orange wedge to add the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Shake for a few seconds and taste.

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