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Mombasa Club Colonel's Reserve Gin Rating:3

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Imagen Mombasa Club Colonel's Reserve Gin



Mombasa Club Colonel´s Reserve is a special limited edition in homage to one particular class of men that were able to bring the Victoriam Britanic Empire to its most glorious period, achieving in this way the fame and the worldwide recognition.


Colonel´s gin is made in classic English style but, this time, and to differenciate it from its homonym, it has more aromas. It containes seven botanics, emphasizing the caraway seed, istead of angelica, and the calamus added, an aquatic plant that normally grows in swampy areas of Europe and America. Its aroma remembers of the lemon and it is used as a medicinal plant to cure asthma, bronchitis, inflamations, fever, recovery of digestive system, etc. To control its power, it is balanced with coriander seeds.

For its elaboration it is started from an rectified alcohol of the highest quality, that is used for macerating all the botanics during 36 hours. The next day it is distillated in small stainless steel stills created by the first Londoner maker “John Dore”. The result is diluted with non-ionizing water and let it stand for 10 days to assemble all its fine aromas.

  • Owner of the brand (in Spain): Unesdi Distribuciones, S.A.
  • Kind: London Dry Gin
  • Alcohol degree: 43,5% vol.
  • Origin Country: United Kingdom
  • Launching date: 2013
  • Raw material of the alcohol: wheat and barley
  • Distillation system: column and still
  • Number of botanics: 7
  • Kind of botanics: juniper, coriander seeds, cassia root, clove, cumin, caraway and calamus.
  • Recommended retail price: 45€

Tasting notes
  • VISUAL PHASE: Crystallin and loyal to the profile of a London Dry.
  • OLFACTORY PHASE: Aromatically it has armony, perfect fusion between botanics (cassia, caraway, calamus) emphasizing, in a subtle way, its most floral and citric way because of the coriander seeds and the eccentricity of the calamus. The juniper, simply, accompanies from the shyness. After seconds of standing in the glass, they acclaim the gin creating a complexity gibberish and excellent botanic base.
  • TASTE PHASE: In the palate it has a silky touch, supported subtly by its sweet eco well distributed. The aromatic end, its persistance, are the second value of its gin that reveals a long and placid maceration of the botanics.

For the strong character of the botanics and the discreet sweet accent, we recommend tonics with low presence of quinine. Also it combines perfectly with aromatic mixers and signature cocktails.

Source: Unesdi Distribuciones S.A.
Product website: Mombasa Club Gin


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