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Pavan Liqueur of France Rating:3

Visited: 1878

Imagen Pavan Liqueur of France

Family:Other Liqueur
Brand:Pavan Liqueur


Pavan is a delicate and complex all-natural liqueur crafted with fine hand picked Muscat grapes, the only liqueur of its kind. It heralds from the renowned AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) region of Frontignan, where vineyards are surrounded by seaside air and gentle hills. These vineyards are rich in history, Frontignan being the second AOC certified region in France in the mid- 1930’s (First one was Chateauneuf-du-Pape). Pavan is named after the dance of the Peacock, which was famous during the Renaissance; in France today people use the term 'se pavaner' (say pavan ay), which means 'one who struts with confidence like a peacock.' We like that.


Light and fruity Pavan is made is a Vin Liqueur and is macerated with a touch of orange blossom. Perfect with a splash of sparkling water and/or prosecco for a delicious premium Sangria. Pavan's sweetness is derived from the natural flavor of the muscat grape only adding about half the sugar of traditional liqueurs.

Tasting notes

The aromas of the muscat grape are powerful, the additional touch of orange blossom propels its floral characteristics into the air like a soft summery perfume of grape and citrus. The mouth is surprisingly shy and compared to the nose. Refreshing, natural and juicy, the muscat is pronounced at first within subtly sweet layers of stone fruit, melon, lime finishing very long (like the tail of a peacock) revealing the orange blossom note on the finish.


Raise Your Cocktail!

Source: Stefanie Marco, creative director

Product website: Pavan Liqueur

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Twitter and Instagram: @pavan_liqueur

Perfect Serve: 
Pavan Sangria: equal parts Pavan and Perrier with fresh seasonal fruit.


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