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Imagen Mediterranean Inspirations

Mediterranean Inspirations

Coctelería Creativa

Vila Mare is the scenario created to capture the Mediterranean feeling. Sun, warm colors, deep blue, the sea breeze, and a group of bartenders in a unique space to talk about the latest news and trends in mixology.

Catalan Gin Gin Mare has created what it calls Vila Mare, an area on the Ibiza island where it takes place the international cocktail competition Mediterranean Inspirations. Gathering together bartenders from different corners of the world with the aim of finding the most innovative and professional bartender who best interprets the Mare Nostrum Mediterranean philosophy.

As part of this spectacular landscape, and with the Mediterranean sea to be inspired, Global Premium Brands -the gin distributor- invited different bartenders from Spain to share and exchange different point of views, and also to learn more about their brands and possibilities with its spirits and discuss new trends.

Jorge Balbontín, the creative engine of Premium Global Brands, hosted the event where presentations were shared and trends were discussed the trends.

We wanted to investigate some impressions of those who attended the event and we spoke with José Carlos Camps, bartender of El Paraigua, highlighted about the experience "the great interest of the brand in its products to be worked not only to sell them but to learn how to use them properly."

As part of the meeting, presentations were made by consolidated bartenders as Alberto Pizarro, Bobby Gin's Bar Manager. Among other issues, Alberto referred to the importance of communication for the professional who needs to know not only how to make cocktails but speak properly, have a good posture, addressing its audience in a certain way.

The barman as speaker
Alberto summed up this topic to us in three basic tips:

  • Prepared speech: avoid improvisation and know well what is going to be spoke.
  • Physical position: the importance of the position to benefit the voice. Breathing through the nose.
  • Attracting attention: make a good entry to start the speech to capture the attention of the audience (whether a jury in a competition or customers who visit us in our bar), and create a good beginning. Also during the preparation of the cocktail.

This idea of ​​the bartender as speaker, says Pizarro, is already a necessity as we are not only talking about consumers filed in a bar but contests, speakers in masterclass,  interview on camera for the media, management talks to the team, negotiations with suppliers.

Francesco Angotti, Bar Manager of Dime, told us that in the last contest he participated and won, he already implemented Pizarro's tips. "Getting into the bar and capture the attention of the jury and always have something surprising: I asked for an applause to initiate the cocktail preparation to calm nerves, and finally when it was all finished, I put the Jimi Hendrix song that was related to the inspiration of my cocktail Little Wing."

Marc Álvarez, Head Bartender of 41º, spoke about his experience at the prestigious Adrià brothers cocktail bar, and from his bartender and biologist perspective how he works the molecular mixology to impact the visitors.

Other trends
Sergio Padilla, bartender of O'Clock, spoke about aged cocktails and his experience with a tequila Excellia cocktail. He talked about the evolution of this cocktail which started with a Blood & Sand classic mixture (3 cl Scotch whisky, 3 cl orange juice, 2 cl cherry liqueur, 2 cl sweet vermouth). The cocktail was into barrel for about a week. He also referred to the techniques he had to do, like washing the barrel with water and make a step through cherry to reduce the power of the wood as the barrel was very new and absorbed much alcohol.

Balbontín presented some trends in London, as the existence of the Pop Up Bars (parties or bars with a concept that open and close sporadically), and how they are a way to energize mixology, as well as guest bartenders. The punch issue was also highlighted as a trend, the concept of sharing with friends a cocktail with a well crafted mixture with different punch bowls and singular glasses might be an interesting idea to add value to the customers.

In conclusion this initiative, as well as the organization of competitions or guided tours to distilleries, is another way to the overall trend of professionalization, where bartenders Brand prescribers are the first one to be interested in the details and first-hand information since that experience, finally, ends up being transmitted to the consumer.

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