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Imagen Coctelería Creativa on tour

Coctelería Creativa on tour

Coctelería Creativa

Barcelona, june 19th. Cocteleria Creativa, the leading Spanish mixology & spirits website will travel to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru in order to strengthen the brand, and exchange experiences taking advantage of the good moment of the Spanish mixology and the cocktail boom that we can already see in Latin America. Learn about local cocktail of these markets, discover new talents, give out recipes shared by friends and professional experiences of Spain are some of the goals for this tour.

A suitcase full of recipes

George Restrepo, bartender and co-founder of Cocteleria Creativa, already has the support of some of the most renowned bartenders, friends and colleagues who wanted to share some of their most beloved recipes for the trip. A suitcase filled with names like Alfredo Pernia (Solange), Anna Martinez (Bocachica), Alfonso Rodríguez (Bocachica), Francesc Bretau (Slow Barcelona), Dany Martin (Rien de Rien), Fabio Sinisi (Xix Bar), Francesc Galera (Slow Barcelona), Giuseppe Baldi (Banker's Bar), Isaac Lavoe (The Paraigua) Josefran Martins Silva (Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza), Pablo Mosquera (Brand Ambassador Santa Teresa Rum), Pau Ruiz Castillo (Brand Ambassador Alkkemis Gin), Sergio Padilla (Bocachica), Yanaida Prado (Milano Cocktail Bar), among many other bartenders to be confirmed.

Calendar 2014 #GiraLATAM

We will communicate specific dates, places and events on the website and in our social media networks.

• From 10 to 31st July:

Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba (Argentina)

Santiago de Chile (Chile)

• From 1st August to 21st September

Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla (Colombia)

Mexico DF (Mexico)

• From 22nd September to 15th October

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Lima (Peru)


- Talks to industry professionals to present Cocteleria Creativa, their potential uses and possibilities.

- Tasting spirits to consumers.

- International Mixology Seminars.

- Guest Bartending with cocktail menu for the tour.

FIRST EVENT - Guest Bartending Pre Tour: George Restrepo in Slow

• Friday, June 27th

• Media Call 8pm

• Public from 11pm

More info: Moira Lopez info@cocteleriacreativa.com

About Cocteleria Creativa

Cocteleria Creativa is the leading Spanish mixology and spirits website. Online since October 2011, very quickly it was configured as a space for cocktails, ideal for the professional seeking to stay informed, easy, convenient and simple: from Cocktail recipes, videos, list of brands and factsheets (ingredients), product rankings, locals, bartenders. And recently the Blogs section with industry professionals writing about several topics from different countries. Also a space for the amateur user, lover of cocktails and spirits, with sections as Places, easy recipes to make at home (Perfect Serve) AgendaBar (our events calendar). This always framed into our philosophy to create, innovate and share, seeking above all quality content.

For 2014 the goal is to strengthen this community. A tour through Latin America allow us to create quality content, go to the source, learn about other techniques, see trends in other countries, generate audiovisual material, producing debates about all this, and inspire our community.

Some useful information about us:

www.cocteleriacreativa.com is the leading Spanish Mixology & Spirits website with more than 130.000 visits, a 3 minutes average visit duration, and around half million view pages (2013 data, Google Analytics).

•We are proud to state that we give value to our community with quality information: more than 540 signature cocktail recipes, around 1.320 ingredients and product/brand files, 345 news and articles, around 100 cocktail bars...

•Social Media: our social media platform has a continuous upward trend with 100,000 people following us (14,675 fans on Facebook, 69,804 people in Google+, 11,174 followers in 5 Twitter accounts in January 2014). Our community is solid and consolidated.

•Audience profile: HORECA professionals and people interested in the mixology world.

•Market: Spanish-speaking countries. The countries that most visit us are: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, USA, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, United Kingdom (Google Analytics).

About George Restrepo

George Restrepo, cocktail activist: Advertiser, professional photographer, mixologist, and co-founder of Cocteleria Creativa. More info here.

Colombian and living in Barcelona for almost 10 years, his work as Advertiser as Creative and Editor led him to work in renowned agencies like Young & Rubicam and BBDO, until he decided it was a time for a change. His trip to Spain aimed to specialize in the image and actually he become a great photographer working with established professionals.

In this period comes to the mixology, after spending five years as an instructor in cocktails, and behind bars in Barcelona. Quickly he discovered a passion where he could combine all their knowledge: and Cocteleria Creativa was born, the company he founded and where image, creativity and mixology leads him at its finest.

He has participated in high level international competitions and selected by brands for projects that name him as one of the best bartenders in Spain.

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