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Imagen Tequila cocktail with Tiramisu

Tequila cocktail with Tiramisu

Coctelería Creativa

In one of the editions of the international competition Diageo World Class, back in 2012, the challenge was to present a cocktail with foodpairing. Bartender Sergio Padilla, winner in that semifinal, presented a cocktail with Don Julio reposado tequila with Tiramisu dessert. 

Sagrada Familia cocktail:
Chocolate Bitters
1.5 cl Yuzu cordial
5 cl Don Julio Reposado - Tequila
1.5 cl Walnut Liqueur
0.5 cl Palo Cortado

Preparation: this cocktail is cooled by the "escanceado" method; you will need two mixing glasses. In one add all ingredients and in the other put 3 to 5 rock ice and use a strainer. The method involves passing the fluid from one vessel to the other taking distance between them, to oxygenate the mixture while is cooled. Serve in a design chilled glass. Garnish: orange peel.

Foodpairing: Tiramisu
Soaked biscuit in Pedro Ximenez and coffee liqueur. Cover tiramisu with coffee cream powder. Garnish with orange peel.

In the words of Sergio, "the foodpairing of the Sagrada Familia cocktail and the tiramisu is by contrast: in the cocktail you can find dry and bitter nuts notes provided by the tequila, the sherry and the chocolate and all them integrate very well with the dessert."

Picture by © Coctelería Creativa - George RestrepoPicture by © Coctelería Creativa - George Restrepo

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