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Agenda Bar Policy

Coctelería Creativa

  1. We have created the Agenda Bar thinking in provide our users more interesting elements in their search, and so continue building our idea of ​​offering an integrated experience of information related to the world of cocktails.
  2. In this agenda, people around the world can include events, both in English and/or Spanish, give it great visibility as it is located at the HOME of the Web, and reach a target audience both amateur and professional but ultimately, related to the mixology world.
  3. In this section we include events related to the world of cocktails divided into: tastings, events, training courses, and competitions.
  • Tastings: spirits tastings that may or may not be accompanied by food.
  • Events: cocktail workshops, food fairs, spirits exhibitions, spirits fairs, events related withing the mixology or the gastronomy world.
  • Training Courses: bartending courses or mixology workshops, wine courses, food pairing courses, cooking. Taught by associations, bartending schools, professional or commercial sector.
  • Competitions: bartending contests.
  1. In our Agenda yo can include events that are related to the cocktail and food world, events for +18 years old target, that don't attack the good name of people, or go against the responsible drinking, must be commercial or training events (not private/individuals).
  2. The events that don't fulfill with the bullets above, won't be published.
  3. Your event will be reviewed by our team to ensure the basic requirements are fulfilled so our community, work philosophy are respected, and we can maintain the quality of information we promote.
  4. In 24 hours max. we will review your event and you will receive an email notification.
  5. If your event does not fulfill the minimum requirements explained here, will not be published. And the money paid will not be refund. If you have questions or prefer to ask us before about your event, write to us at: [email protected]
  6. In your event you can add pictures, videos in order to support the communication of it. This audiovisual material will also be reviewed for us and it must respect all details mentioned in point 4 of this current Policy.
  7. Coctelería Creativa reserves the right to change or replace this Agenda Bar Policy. It is your responsibility to check periodically the changes.
  8. If your event has a ticket price for entrance (cover), you must include it in the description of the event (in the corresponding box). Coctelería Creativa does not charge commissions on sales or manage any transaction related to the event itself.
  9. By posting your event you must follow the following steps:
  • Accept our Agenda Bar Policy, ours Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Be a registered user and log in to your session.
  • Complete the form according to the type of event, assign a budget to it, and make the payment.
  1. Upload and event costs 10€ and is equivalent to 100 clicks (0,10 per clic). We offer different packs. Depending on the budget, the price of the click: bigger budget, lower click price. To create an event you have to complete a questionnaire about your event, which includes description, price, location, start and end date.
  2. Every event has the possibility of being published in English and Spanish. Register in both languages is the responsibility of each event manager.
  3. All payments are processed through (to) PayPal or bank transfer to our account in Spain Coctelería Creativa SCP.
  4. An event must be closed at the end of it. Either because the campaign has finished or because you have decided to finish the event. It is important you do it so, for instance, those clicks you have there can be used to another one.
  5. You accept that all information you provide to us, without limitation, data, text, graphics, images and other content delivered to Coctelería Creativa SCP through this website or by mail is protected by copyright and accepting this Agenda Bar Policy you confirm that you own the rights to use the images or texts used and authorize Coctelería Creativa to promote and publicize the event in all its social networks, as well as its translation and adaptation if necessary.
  6. As registered user you are responsible of the whole contest you publish in your event.
  7. About promotions, discounts or coupons. Each event manager has the opportunity to  offer a particular benefit to our community if preferred. This offering can be showed by a graphic coupon and text. If this is the case, the information, discounts must be clear  in the offer without  misunderstandings or misinterpretations. It should indicate the correct payment and must not lead to misleading campaigns, offers or discounts or double mechanical invite interpretations. Our goal is to provide information that adds value and that are within the concept of responsible consumption.
  8. Avoid publishing deals or coupons that are supported by shot or free drinks, happy hour, 2x1 or similar.
  9. The budget for each event is chosen by the event manager and once the event is created, the manager assigns a specific number of clicks to it. If the number of clicks is coming to an end, the event manager will receive a notification in case he/she wants to extend the budget. Once the available clicks are used for an event, the event no longer appears on the web and stays in the historical area of the event manager session for a future editing and publishing. And if the events ends before before all the clicks are used, the remaining clicks will be able to be used in future events by the events manager.
  10. The expiration of the clicks is 1 year from the date of acquisition.

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