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Imagen Mixology on a tweet #TA2012 #TweetsAwards

Mixology on a tweet #TA2012 #TweetsAwards

Moira López

In the 2012 Tweets Awards 31 different categories were awarded and we had the honor of leading two: TweetMarca and TweetChef. The event, held at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, gathered for two days the most prominent tweeters in Spain with more than 50 speakers who shared their experiences on this social network. The intention of the Tweets Awards is to reward the best professionals in the online world and more involved users. It was a great honor and a great joy this award not only for the recognition for our work but also because we felt the Coctelería Creativa community support that in 140 characters voted for us.

Among the speakers attended the event: Stephen McIntyre from Twitter Europe, Jorge Varela from HP España, Marcos Gimeno from Concepto05, Felix Maldifassi from Hootsuite, Sixto Arias from Mobex,  Mario TascónFernando Monzon of 3lemon, PayPal Spain, Elena Bule from Text100, and Gabriela Cuellar from Heineken.

A valuable tweet for us
Within the 31 categories for the Tweets Awards, there was no #TweetBarman at all. It is clear that the figure of the Chef has earned its place as the Spanish cuisine stomps both nationally and internationally, so we saw the opportunity to include in the scenery the Barman role. And we tweet the following line (in Spanish though):

#TA2010 we nominate @GeorgeRestrepo for #TweetChef because there is no #TweetBarman and because good recipes are also liquid.

Our community of friends, followers  and especially bartending colleagues not only in Spain but from Argentina and Colombia, heard us and echoed the initiative supporting us with their votes. Thank you!

Do you want to talk with us?
We are committed and strongly believe in social media as channels to interact with our community. We stand behind every tweet, every post and think every message we send. We certainly care for each photo and image included on the web, and we are flexible adapting to the peculiarities of each tool. We know for sure that we want direct communication within the community. We build every day a brand called Coctelería Creativa in the website and CreativeBar on Twitter. And such thing is about feeling, communicate and interact, listen, comment, ask, share our recipes and our users' recipes, talk about our successes and mistakes, and even states of mind.

So this is how we daily live this new communication way that now is possible. The feedback on Twitter is very powerful and write in 140 characters, challenging. This achievement tells us that we are on track: D

Picture by © Coctelería Creativa - George RestrepoPicture by © Coctelería Creativa - George Restrepo

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