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Imagen The earliest recorded recreational gin recipe is discovered

The earliest recorded recreational gin recipe is discovered

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EWG Spirits & Wine, the world’s leading specialists in the creation, production and distribution of word class, grape based spirits, announces the discovery of one of the oldest recorded gin recipes. Using a grape distilate as its foundation; the recipe dates back to 1495 and is an important record in the evolution of gin from a medicinal product to a recreational spirit.

EWG has handpicked a selection of industry luminaries to verify the accuracy of the 1495 recipe. Spirit historians, writers and mixologists; Dave Wondrich, Gary Regan, Dave Broom and Philip Duff will view the original manuscript at the British Library in London, before travelling to Holland to visit the Jenever Museum in Schiedam to track the development, production and evolution of gin. The journey will end at Villevert near Cognac, France where the EWG Spirits & Wine team have their wine distilling innovation centre.

The team will replicate the original recipe and create a modern interpretation with Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, œnologist, master distiller and founder of EWG Spirits & Wine. “By taking this recipe apart and refreshing it for our modern era, we will learn so much more about the long and circuitous journey the spirit has taken through the centuries” said Jean-Sébastien. “GIN 1495 is the fundamental expression of our business. It represents a search for knowledge, an insistence on quality, and a reliance on the skills that we draw from our heritage. We see the birth of gin, with a wine based spirit, in 1495 and its rebirth today in 2014. We love the idea of renaissance, of creating the future by understanding the past, of discovery, improvement and the creation of something excellent; this lies at the heart of all of our products.”

The 1495 recipe was unearthed by renowned gin-ologist, Philip Duff in an out-of-print Dutch-language history of Jenever. The original came from the cook book of a wealthy merchant in East Netherlands. Today the recipe can be found in the Sloane Manuscripts compiled by British physician and collector Sir Hans Sloane. After his death in 1753 he bequeathed his collection to the nation thus providing the foundation of the British Museum. These manuscripts now stand in the archives of The British Library.

“The 1495 recipe is not just the first chapter in a rich history of gin – this historic recipe, based on grape distillate, is part of the very foundation of the category”, said Philip Duff. “With an unrivalled passion and understanding of the grape and vine, I knew that the team at Villevert would investigate this discovery and recreate the original recipe using traditional and authentic techniques and ingredients”.

EWG Spirits & Wine will produce a Limited Edition GIN 1495 pack consisting of the two variants; the 1495 original recipe and the modern interpretation. Each aspect of production will take place in the grounds of Villevert, the 16th century family estate, which is home to the company headquarters. Villevert has a 500 year history, steeped in winemaking and distilling, this will be the latest chapter.

To follow the journey through the world of social media search #GIN1495 #historyrefreshed and #remakinghistory. For more information please visit www.gin1495.com.

About EWG Spirits & Wine

Founded in 2001 on the outskirts of Cognac in the heart of the Charente region by Jean Sébastien Robicquet, EWG Spirits & Wine has an ambition to develop innovative spirits focused around vines, wine and long-standing traditions.

The EWG Spirits & Wine portfolio embodies the richness of the region, the traditions of terroir, and the creativity of the premium spirits industry.

  • G’Vine: a French Gin made from grapes, a benchmark in the ultra-premium category. Two varieties: Nouaison and Floraison.
  • June: a French Liqueur made from rare vine flowers, which is both elegant and delicate.
  • Excellia Tequila: a Tequila Grand Cru, 100% pure agave aged in barrels used for grand cru Sauternes wines and Cognac. Three varieties: Blanco (white), Añejo (aged) and Reposado (rested).
  • La Quintinye Vermouth Royal: a French Vermouth made using Pineau des Charentes and up to 28 botanicals. Three varieties: Blanc, Extra-Dry and Rouge.
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