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Coctelería Creativa

For modern artists, summer and heat were represented by a young woman dressed in yellow, with a crown of thorns and a flaming torch. This feeling of warmth, lightness and sensuality makes people change their behavior around a new lifestyle. In summer times people tend to break the routine and enjoy the atmosphere that is built around the beach and the breeze.

Cocktail industry also acquires a twist in this season, the ingredients become more acidic and light. Now we are going to explore certain products and cocktails, perfect to cool ourselves off in summer time:


- Lemon: it was seen as a symbol of purity and fidelity. Ancient cultures gave him protective properties and it was used as a shield for magic spells and poison. For Jews it is the representation of the human heart. As an edible fruit, it is known for its sour taste and special aroma. It is an ingredient for desserts, drinks and seafood. (See cocktails with lemon) 


- Orange: it is referenced in Christian paintings in the hand of Jesus. It symbolizes fortune, good luck, fertility, eternity and immortality. His yellow colour is a reference of the sun.

Nutritionally, it is a source of vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils. It is characterized by its aroma and acid-sweet flavor. (See cocktails with Orange)

- Pineapple: it represents life and fertility for some cultures. In America some people consider it a symbol of hospitality, so they hang it at their home entrance. Generally it is used in desserts, drinks and jams. It has a sweet and aromatic flavor. (See cocktails with pineapple)


- Mango: it is a very fleshy tropical fruit. It represents fertility and love in Asia. Nutritionally it is known for its high caloric content and carbohydrate, potassium, magnesium and fiber content. (See cocktails with Mango)


- Passion Fruit: Passion fruit is native from America and its name is associated with the expression "fly breeding" because the sweetness of its nectar attracts insects. It is characterized by an acid taste and its high content in vitamins and minerals. It is a product that is commonly used in the preparation of drinks, desserts, ice creams and salads. (See cocktails with a Passion Fruit)


- Coco: it is a tropical fruit known for its aroma and spiritual symbol of the human ego. The white part inside represents the soul and the purity of mind and the shell represents the ego barriers. Nutritionally it is a source of a power, freshness and refreshing taste. (See cocktails with Coco)

All these fruits, some of them common and others more exotic are characterized by having a refreshing effect on the preparation of beverages that are usually combined with green tea, mint, herbal berries, basil and lemongrass.


Picture by © Foto cortesía: Coctelería CreativaPicture by © Foto cortesía: Coctelería Creativa - George Restrepo

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