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Imagen Food pairing & Mixology

Food pairing & Mixology

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Union and harmony in perfect balance in which various elements are linked or correspond. Specifically, spirits and recipes (...). The combinations are multiplied with the creativity and imagination of every chef. So the possibilities become infinite, as many as we can taste flavors. From the book Food & Spirits. El arte del Maridaje de la mano de los mejores chef (in Spanish). Rafael Ansón´s preface. Edited by Digeo, Madrid, 2010.

Looking for a definition of Food Pairing, we found the above 2010 publication edited by the spirits multinational Diageo which contains a basic terminology applied to spirits and new ways of cooking. We share it here as it sums up really well what we mean by food pairing.

It is traditionally known the food pairing of wine and food, but slowly the cocktail was making its way and today in most of the bars and restaurants are made food pairing proposals in their menus. Also as a profitability component that increases profit and complete the consumer experience. The food-drink relation may begin for a geographic association in which, for instance, cheeses and cold meat match with region wines, until little by little or maybe because of the gastronomy evolution, it became a more complex relation that involves accompanying and highlight flavors as for affinity or opposition.

When we started working with cocktails and food pairing (back 2009 in an event that lasted 15 sessions), we found that working with the kitchen, hand by hand with the chef, allows to create a knowledge explosion between both parties. A sort of brainstorming where each one (kitchen and bar) brings an element that complements the other, enriched or modified in order to improve it. The result, the absolute optimization of both, the drink and the dish.

Food Pairing as an experience
It is possible to start with the drink and get to the dish, or vice versa, the order of factors does not modify the experience. What is sure is that creating a harmonious whole drinking and food pack is a step that may require major infrastructure or imaginative and creative abilities. What matters is to create a consumer experience, a game between the visual, the temperature, the mixture of flavors, aromas and tastes. According to the moment, time, the road just begins and the experiences to discover are endless.

Drink responsibly
One of the reason why the food pairing of cocktails began to have more attention was the aim of create new promotion tools but not the typical 2x1. We can also add the collective buying trend, looking for an attractive hook to offer good drinks adding a dish or tapa (small dish) to make it more interesting as well as friendlier to the responsible consumption.


  • Balance
  • Complement
  • Enhance the flavors
  • Dining experience

This section is opened in order to share experiences of chefs, bartenders, cocktail and food lovers who wish to share their own solid and liquid creations with us in perfect harmony. Salut and bon appetit!

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