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Imagen From cognac to whisky and from gin & tonic to ... ?

From cognac to whisky and from gin & tonic to ... ?

Sergio Padilla

From cognac to whisky and from whisky to gin & tonic. What's next?

I can tell you about some of the proposals of different brands, something like the vodka tonic. Although it is present a while ago, it has a lot yet on its way. For me the best of the last new releases is the one made by Diageo company, Ciroc Tonic. It subtly changes the typical grain or potato vodka for a vodka based on two types of French grapes with very good flavor, excellent body and citrus notes on the palate. In Boca Grande we serve it separately: the tonic served on a cider glass with apples as garnish, and the amount of vodka in tall shot glass apart. The customer mixes it directly or, the most curious ones, decide to smell and taste it before mixing. The result of this ritual is surprising because the client does not expect the vodka itself to be such interesting and captivating. Another great innovating example is given by Van Gogh vodkas, which I think is great for the mixology.

A trend that is coming and we are already seeing daily, because in all the terraces and many of the old and new bars those recommendations currently exist in their menus. We must admit and you will give me the reason on this, that the good drinking is very popular right now but also -even more every time- the client wants a custom drink.

Barcelona, because of the tourism, has always worked well this subject. What is happening now is that people (especially national girls from 25 to 35 years old) are learning the best of our cocktail bars. I've had conversations with clients that talk to me about different specific bartenders or places, and their Cosmopolitan or Whisky Sour. Even their own homemade creations, and it wouldn't be the first time a client gives me a very good cocktail tip I always remember.

To finish this introduction, the Cocktail is receiving very strong proposals from Mexican products such as tequila and mezcal. And promoting small fetishes always present in our bars as the Chartreuse.

Drink evolution according the time of the day

As a pre-dinner or after work, the typical beer, a glass of fine wine or vermouth. It changes for those who know other cultures and prefer a Martinez, Spritz, micheladas, or my favorite Bloody Mary. And for the regulars and curious customers, some of our creations, such as the Crisis Salina (an evolution of the Gimlet with gin, mezcal and ponzu cordial), Blood & Sand with tequila aged in barrel or one of our latest creations Apple Storm (an Apple Martini with vodka and a twist of basil). In short, we try open the appetite and show new alternatives.

At dinnertime, the typical bottle of wine or cava. It is more difficult to see although it occurs in our restaurant, couples dining with gin & tonic. It sounds outrageous, isn't it? The first thing a waiter told me was: "How strong are these!"
It comes to our mind that gin is between 40° and 50°. But we don't remember that the tonic is there and usually it is 20 cl, which represents four times more water to lower the gin. So be careful with that false belief because 2 and 1/2 gin & tonics have the same alcohol as half bottle of wine, and the same alcohol than 2 high graduation beers.
If I can advise  these gin fan clients to drink with the dinner, I recommend Hendrick's or Gin Mare. For me both are the most versatile, and if they want alternatives, a Margarita or Frozen Daiquiri, ideal for the summer and we should also take into account that 50% of the cocktail is crushed ice so the graduation is not such.

Table talk, from the classic orujo glass, pacharán, rum, cognac, whisky...to the gin & tonic, chilled tequila reposado and as I said before, "cocktails" especially in celebrations. Every time there are more people at home preparing their own recipes of mojito, caipirinha, caipiroskas … that is why those who are into this world try to invent all type of alternatives.

In the future, I would like to see a user at home preparing cocktails invented by Boca Chica.

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