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Tips & Tweets No. 1 - 5

George Restrepo

140-characters-Tips published in Spanish in the Twitter account @georgerestrepo. Here in English and with some more information. Do you have any questions? Write them down here :)

5. An equivalence to work at home with #cocktails. 4 tbsp. soup = standard measure of a # jigger
If you are at home and want to serve yourself a drink, or want to practice a recipe you have just  seen on the web and you don’t have a jigger, the easiest way to find out the exact measurements is a simple soup spoon. The equivalence in the kitchen have already been invented, therefore, a single tablespoon equals to 1 cl. For a standard measure of spirit then you need 4 tablespoons.
Other interesting equivalence is that a teaspoon (of tea / coffee)  equals to one-third of a tablespoon.

These are the equivalents:
1 Tbsp. = 1 cl. = 10 ml. = 10 gr. (by volume)
1 Teaspoon = 0.3 cl. = 0.3 ml. = 3 gr. (by volume)
OZ. equivalence to Oz:
1 Oz. = 3.0 cl. = 30 ml. = 3 tbsp. = 9 teaspoon
Part and measure (used in book recipes)
A “measure” is 1.5 Oz. = 4.5 cl. = 45 ml. Part and measure are decreasingly used when writing recipes, because it can be confusing. But if the whole recipe is in parts or measures, you just need to assign a value. For instance: 4.0 cl. = 1 part. Then, 1/2 part would be 2.0 cl. etc. You need to assign a value and do a simple three rule. The important thing is to keep the proportions so the cocktail always be balanced.
Important: about the Oz., here we give you approx. values as there are different for the American Oz. and English Oz. In any case, using this standard value you can work comfortably.

Tip #5

4. White & rosé #wine to the fridge, #vodka to the freezer. Wine: less acidity because of the cold. Vodka: it softens the flavor.
White and rosé wine are recommended to drink at 7 °C. To do this you just need to put the wine into the fridge some hours before drinking and leave it at room temperature some minutes before. The fridge is about 5 degrees; with a few minutes outside will be 7°C. Moreover, alcohol freezes at -114 °C, and taking into account the freezer from home generally will not exceed -25 °C (between -18 °C and -25°C), a spirit that exceeds 40°C won’t freeze ever.
The cold reduces the alcoholic perception making drinks softer, but also note that the cold reduces the aromas and flavors. The comment was made on vodka because it is a product that is usually appreciated alone. You can also freeze gin and other white spirits to keep them in optimal conditions when mixing or drinking alone. In the case of other products with an aging process, keep in mind that cold hides wood’s virtues that generally want to be found in a spirit.

3. Shake or stir? Use #mixing glass for crystalline ingredients, nice to the eye and easily reducible. #manhattan #martini
A mixing glass is very important as it cools your mixture and also is part of the ritual of creating a cocktail. A customer who orders a Martini or a Manhattan generally is also hoping the watch the show. Cool first the mixing glass with several cube ice and discard the excess of water; this will help you to have less attrition on the ice and therefore less water in the cocktail.

2. Shake or stir? Use a #shaker if the ingredients are difficult to dilute or if you need to create foam. #sugar #juice #cocktail
If you are using ingredients that need more friction or force to be diluted, the best is to use the shaker. When using thicker sweeteners like honey, you should dilute it before with any of the liquid ingredients and then add the rest of products with the ice. With cocktails with egg white or yolk, use always a shaker, a cocktail with this ingredient must be very well blended or the aspect will not be good. For example: Porto Flip, Vaina Chilena, Gin Ramos Gin Fizz.


1. The pre-cooled glass helps to maintain longer your #cocktail. The cold and sugar decrease the perception of alcohol
If the glass is cooled before serving the cocktail, the glass will not increase the temperature of the cocktail. Therefore, the cocktail will be at an optimum temperature and will help to reduce the alcohol perception. A cocktail and a glass correctly cooled will allow maintaining during 15 minutes approx the optimist flavor conditions of it.

Picture by © Coctelería Creativa - George RestrepoPicture by © Coctelería Creativa - George Restrepo

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