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Imagen Coctelería Creativa official media of Cocktails & Spirits space in Alimentaria 2014

Coctelería Creativa official media of Cocktails & Spirits space in Alimentaria 2014

Nota de Prensa

Barcelona, February 2014. From March 31st to April 3rd, Alimentaria 2014 is increasing the presence of spirits, an industry that has a turnover of 7,400 million Euros in Spain, according to the latest data from the Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas (FEBE). The sector is coming to the show with a variety of "Premium", brands, sales of which are growing and gaining ground in the hospitality industry, taking advantage of the new boom in cocktail making.

Therefore, in the Cocktail & Spirits area, which will include a stands area, exhibitions and workshops, Alimentaria wants to give more visibility to drinks made from spirits and provide the opportunity for brands to meet with national and international bartenders, specialised buyers and other hospitality professionals. It will cover over 400 m2 and will be located in the Intervin show.

Currently the most consumed categories of these drinks in Spain are whisky (31%), rum (20%), gin (17%), liqueurs (15%), brandy (8%), vodka (4%) and tequila (1%).

Well-known bartenders
Christian Delpech,19-time Flair World Champion (acrobatic cocktail making) is one of the outstanding stars in the "Cocktail & Spirits" area along with other international bartenders, such as Joseph Trotta, multi-award winner all over Europe and groundbreaker in cocktail decoration; Gegam Kazarian, from Alicante and renowned worldwide; and Pedro García Rascon, 2013 flairtending champion of Spain. A dozen of the best in the sector that is enjoying a global revival will be revealing their skills in cocktail-making, a speciality that is experiencing a worldwide revival.

Privileged showcase for brands
"Cocktail & Spirits" will open up clear business opportunities for exhibiting companies, which will be able to make contact with the 140,000 trade visitors to Alimentaria. Dozens of brands of spirits and mixers, such as Mombasa, The Botanical's, Ocean Gin, Teichenné, Level Gin, Finest Call, Van Gogh, Bayswater, Medellin, Tann's, El Dorado, Apsinthion, Bulldog, Nikka have already confirmed their presence with the aim of effectively penetrating the hospitality channel and nocturnal leisure sector and making contact with specialised buyers.  

Collaborating in the show will be Grupo Deleitas, specialist in drinks for cocktail bars and coffee shops, and Coctelería Creativa in charge of giving as much as online covering possible, that will attract bartenders, experts, influencers, journalists and bloggers.

Alimentaria 2014

Established as one of the most important food and beverage shows in the world, Alimentaria 2014 expects to attract 3,800 companies and around 140,000 visitors from over 140 countries.

Internationalisation, innovation and brand quality will again be the cores of the show, which will occupy almost the entire Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Exhibition Centre. The event will again have 14 shows, with Intervin, Intercarn, Olivaria and Restaurama (catering) as main drivers both because of volume of exhibits and power of attraction.

The list of multiple programmed activities includes The Alimentaria Experience, an interactive culinary show with today's best chefs, and The Alimentaria Hub, a space dedicated to innovation, trends, internationalisation and business opportunities for the different sectors of the food and beverage industry.

Coctelería Creativa Official Media in Alimentaria 2014
As official media of the specialized cocktail space, Cocktails & Spirits, Coctelería Creativa will move its team work during the 4 day event in a stand of 20 m2 broadcast online the minute by minute and the latest news of the salon. With the immediacy and quality of information that characterizes us, we will be creating content in a lifetime opportunity with brands, specialized groups, companies, and official visitors in the same.

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