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Coctelería Creativa in numbers

We are the leading mixology & spirits website in Spanish.




Our numbers support us:

  • +50.000 page views and +17.000 visitors per month*

  • +230% en unique visitors (2012 vs 2013)*

  • +120.000 followers, fans, friends in social media channels:
    Facebook +26.500
    Twitter (5 acounts) +15.000
    Foursquare +830
    Instagram +2300
    Pinterest +700
    YouTube 43.500 views

TOP 10 countries*
50% of our users come from Spain (mainly Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia).

  1. Spain
  2. Mexico
  3. Colombia
  4. Argentina
  5. USA
  6. Peru
  7. Chile
  8. Venezuela
  9. UK
  10. Ecuador

If happens in the cocktail & spirits world, it is in Coctelería Creativa. Come and be part of the leading specialized community that CREATE, INNOVATE & SHARE.

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