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Imagen International Fair Cocktail Bar - FIBAR Valladolid 2013.

International Fair Cocktail Bar - FIBAR Valladolid 2013.

Nota de Prensa

Valladolid, September 2013. -FIBAR VALLADOLID, is the meeting point and reference of national Bartending, gathering during three days the most international trends in the Cocktail sector, the Mixology, Premium Drinks, and the otel industry professionals.

This forum pretends in a serious, responsible and strict way, gather the professionals of the sector with the intention of sharing concerns, news, experiences and also contribute in the different sessions and activities the pillars of positioning and growth of or sector.

The contents as continuated training that our sector and industry need, will have their importance in this Fair. Fair that is the result of the effort of all of us to improve in this sector that unites us.

The presence of the most renowned professionals of the national and international panorama let us guarantee the FIBAR exit, and the complete satisfaction of all who are going to take part in: bartenders, industry, partners and sponsors, and all who make possible the development of our profession, as our clients and friends are.

FIBAR has developed a broad programme wherein give space for all the concers and sensitivities, a programme wherein all can find what is necessary to go on improving and learning in the competitive and changing sector wherein every day we develop our passion.

Under the talks and tastings format, with four differenciate spaces, the control of professional public access, the parallel activities to the programme, and with an structure open to any kind of collaboration, sponsoring and contribution; FIBAR joins the effort of uniting in a Fair the best of all the existing competitions, and get in this way that every year the sector will have the meeting point it deserves. 

The FIBAR Valladolid headquarters, the spectacular and singular Milenium Dome, has diaphanous 1.800 m² divided in for zones; Talks Zone, Exhibition Zone, Tasting Zone, VIP Zone and Demo Bar. Outside we will have a fifth zone, the Cigarrettes Zone.

• The Talks Zone is the principal center of FIBAR, space where accordind to the programme will be held all the talks.
• The Tasting Zone, is a space with a limited number of assistants where the leading roles will be the different distilled spirits of the sector.
Guided tastings of products, which will let the assistants discover and comment their impressions in a direct way, with interesting talks and discussions about the same ones.
• The Exposition Zone will be the one dedicated to the placement of the industry's instalation, the display cases, their stands and any other assembly structure.
• The VIP Zone will have controlled and restricted access, besides being the resting and meeting place, it will have a Demo Bar available to our partners and expositors.
• The Cigarrettes Zone will finally be an spectacular external place perfectly suitable for talks and tastings about cigarrettes.
This place will be polivalent in its use durinf the different days because it will also be used for some singular presentation, and as resting and smoking area

Some of the speakers and the topics to talk about:

Carlos Hernández, Simles behing the counterbar.
Carlos Moreno, FoodPairing.
David González Manzano, Sake.
Gegan Kazarian, FoodPairing.
Joao Eusebio, Dry Law Cocktail.
Miguel Pérez y Miguel Ángel Jimenez, FoodPairing.
Rebekkah Dooley, Menu Design.
Tomas Estes, Tequila.
Sergio Padilla y Alberto Pizarro, cocktails with sherry.
Steve Schneider, Employees Only.

You can see all the programme by days here:
Tuesday 12th of November
Wednesday 13th of November
Thursday 14th of November

More info about the fair:
Beatriz Ortega Hernández

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