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Imagen Martin Miller’s and the tasting revolution

Martin Miller’s and the tasting revolution

George Restrepo

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a gin tasting. We didn’t know the product but we accepted as we like to try new products. Then, we were informed that it was Martin Miller’s…a great surprise for us as this is one of our favorites and personally, I recommend it when someone asks me about a distilled neutral quality gin. But a greater surprise was when we were informed about the location of it. We didn’t have to go to a bar, hotel or any place. It was only necessary a computer and an Internet connection. Moreover, to make sure the quality of the e-tasting with Martin Miller’s, they took care of every detail. The same philosophy used when creating and distilling this product. They previously sent us a kit with the bottle, a glass with the brand name on it, the spoon, tonic, lime peeler, the lime, and the dried juniper. Everything we will need to prepare the perfect gin & tonic. Who were the participants? 45 bloggers.

The day arrived and the place to meet was an url. In the screen we had –live and direct from some place in Madrid- two people broadcasting the properties of the product and the best way to serve Martin Miller’s. Marta, the host, welcomes us all and Eduardo Barrios, Brand Ambassador, is who runs the tasting.

As technology lovers, the option of doing an etasting with all the elements perfectly set up is a real revolution for the tastings. It’s an easy, practical, comfortable way maintaining the quality of the event. While we know are places where you can find this option, the thing is that either you must purchase the product or the guided tasting is through a video-recorded. And the option of enjoying an live experience with the possibility of asking questions to the well-known specialists of the product, becomes a very interesting tool that allow the brands not only to show the characteristics of the product but to create greater empathy and squeeze the potential of the 2.0 tools (obviously, during the etasting there were more than one tweet online). Taking into account that it opens also the possibility of “gathering” virtually any person in any place in the world. Initially, this etasting was organized as a campaign to promote the perfect serve for Martin Miller’s; but for the quality of it, we were not be surprised if this action is taken to a greater audience. Are we talking about a new trend?

Here you have the steps suggested to enjoy the tasting and the Perfect Martin Miller’s Gin & Tonic. Enjoy it!

Previously steps:
Have ready a balloon glass.
Cool the tonic of your choice (they sent us Schweppes Original Indian tonic).
Cool the bottle of Martin Miller's preferably in the freezer.

  • Step 1: Chill the glass with big ice and then discard them.
  • Step 2: Add 60 ml. Martin Miller's. We use a jigger (it would be a shot).
  • Step 3: Make a visual tasting without moving the glass, then nose tasting and finally, the mouth. We noticed the smoothness of the gin; citrus and floral notes.
  • Step 4: with a peeler, remove a bit of lime peel. Using tweezers apply some essential oils on the glass and drop it inside.
  • Step 5: again the nose tasting and feel the fresh citrus notes more pronounced.
  • Step 6: put about 5 or 6 large cubes ice.
  • Step 7: drop a few dried juniper to accentuate the distilled botanical notes.
  • Step 8: finally with the spoon, serve slowly the Schweepps tonic (avoiding the loss of the carbon).
  • Step 9: enjoy a Martin Miller's well done, serve by yourself and in the comfort of your home.

To learn more about Martin Miller's, you can see product details HERE.

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