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Imagen Interview to Joanne Moore, creator of Bloom Gin

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Interview to Joanne Moore, creator of Bloom Gin

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Joanne Moore is the seventh Master Distiller in the 250-year history of Greenall’s Gin. Joanne has held this role since 2006 (although she has worked in the distillery since 1996) and is now the only woman who holds this title. We met Joanne in her recent visit to Barcelona, Spain, and we wanted to learn more about this woman who opens the door for everyone as creativity and innovation is not exclusive to one gender.


To create a product, first you have to create yourself….How does Joanne achieve to be the Master Distiller of a gin brand?
You must have a passion for what you do as this helps a great deal, I discover my creative talent whilst working alongside our previous head distiller so on his retirement I took on the accolade of being the 7th master distiller for G&J Greenalls – a very proud moment in my career.

In a purely male market, how does they take that a young lady is in the “honour role”?
I think what matters mostly is that you treat people with the same respect that you wish to be treated with yourself. If you know your craft / trade then people will value you for having your own opinions. I’ve not had any adverse reactions so far!

How much time does it take to create Bloom since the initial idea to its launch into the market?
It took me just under 12 months to create and perfect BLOOM gin.

Have you thought to make a gin to the women or not necessarily?
My initial idea was to craft a light floral gin for everyone not specifically females, but I can understand why people are making the connection as I am a female distiller. I just hope that everyone who experiences BLOOM gin will come back for more...

What were the biggest difficulties you faced in the process of creating Bloom?
Finding a sustainable / quality source of the key botanicals, I knew in my mind what the profile should taste / smell like so persevered until I found that right ones.


Why Bloom is different?
Bloom uses a unique combination of botanicals that gives it a beautiful distilled taste.

How would you describe it? Which consumer profile it has?
Bloom is a delicate floral flavoured gin that gives you a more lighter drinking experience. So it will suit those who want a less juniper lead gin.

What contribution do you think you're doing to the gin market?
Innovation keeps the gin category alive so this must be a good thing for the market as a whole.  I want people to understand that Gin is very much like wine in that all wines are not the same, so neither are all gins –it’s about finding which style of gin suits you.

What do you think will be the next step of the Gin & Tonic?
Dare I say it but Gin & Tonic is the ultimate gin cocktail but there are so many other ways to drink gin that really bring out the key flavours in the gin for example BLOOM gin works really well with citrus and floral elements either as a long drink or short .


Did you know that many men prefer gin like Bloom type? How do you think they are?
That’s great news as I intended on creating a new light floral gin that would resonant with both male and female, it’s not for everyone’s taste but that’s fine if people don’t like it as if we all liked the same things life would be very bland.

If you could choose someone to talk to about your gin, who would you invite? What would you say to him/her about your gin?
I would choose someone who said very didn’t like Gin so that I could explain that not all gins are the same and that I am convinced that there is  a gin out there for everyone’s tastes, obviously if I could convert them to being a BLOOM gin fan then even better !

What is your favourite spirit? Please do not take into account the gin.
I’m quite partial to aged rum or good quality tequila.

You have been recently in Spain, how did you perceived the Spanish market and what you were told about the boom of gins in this country?
The gin market is much more diverse in Spain than in the UK, the choice of gins and their complimentary tonic is great; as you’re really get to appreciate the gins flavour. This is only just starting to occur in the UK as we have historically  only had 1 or 2 different tonics to choose from.  The odd thing is that in the UK we drink G&T as an aperitif whereas in Spain it’s typically as a digestive post meal, but again that just shows the versatility of gin.

Do you have women in your team? Or the gender doesn’t matter at all?
We have both so no gender does not matter; a good sense of smell does though!

Seven Master Distillers in 250 year history of your brand gives us an average of 40 years per Distiller. Do you see yourself as Master Distiller during this period of time?
40 years would take me past my retirement age ... but I’d like to think that I will continue as master distiller for as long as I keep enjoying it .

How many brands or products you wish you had created by the end of your professional career?
I don’t have a set number in my mind as I have already created many gins for other people within my role here at G&J Greenalls  but there is always room to create more...so watch this space.

It is said that the next boom will be tequila, vodka or cachaça, what do you think of this?
I would hope that Gin continues to boom for a while longer ...

Would you share with us a Bloom’s cocktail recipe that made some impact on you? Because of its innovation, flavour, creativity…
The lavender daisy which won the BLOOM gin competition last year, I liked the simplicity of the ingredients used which complimented the profile of BLOOM wonderfully. The glass that it was served in was also very ornate and so felt very appropriate for BLOOM gin.

Lavender Daisy

50ml BLOOM Premium London Dry Gin
20ml lemon juice
15ml orgeat syrup
4 dashes Bob’s lavender bitters

Garnish:  Lavender flower

Method: pour lemon juice, almond syrup, gin and 3 dashes of lavender bitter in a shaker.  Shake it hard until it gets frosted outside the shaker.  Fine strain into a champagne flute.

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