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Imagen You make Coctelería Creativa

You make Coctelería Creativa

Coctelería Creativa

Here we are, expecting and excited. Absolutely euphoric! More than happy! Why? What motivates and moves us are the ideas, and after so many months working intensively, we launch this web still uncomplete but working on it every day with passion: reading texts, writing, correcting, translating (English version almost ready!), shooting wonderful pictures, talking to brands and distributors... Finally, to see this website almost finished (at least some contents and structure), is a fact that fills us totally with satisfaction.

In the beginning this was created as a blog, where recipes were commented in a rather shy way, we gave some opinions about news in the sector, we published several states of mind about mixology and not much more. A blog written in first single person and thinking now, it was incomplete. Something was missing. We have to recognize it, in a first moment we did not feel very comfortable publishing our own recipes, sharing it all... Those really worthy formulae (for us) that had meant so many time and work, that are like little pieces of our inventiveness... Nevertheless, above all slowly we realized that certainly the word sharing would make us grow. To know, to listen, to interchange, finding support among professional people of this branch... this allowed us enter a dynamic that we enjoy every day more and more.

So this was the starting point: To share. Share with quality. In Internet there is more misinformation than information, and we plead for quality information, that conferes added value, real for everyone. Products, launches, news and recipes. 

To innovate. Creativity is what moves us. To think is the first step, to carry out is the important thing, and to create is make so that the idea comes true. Something real. One day, this web was only an idea, today you are watching it and soon you will be able to interact more with us.

Erratum. This page may have many mistakes, we dont have a correction dept with lots of people writing and correcting every day sitting in front of the computer (at least for the moment now!). We are independent and are proud of it, we work with a capital budgeted in millions of minutes of passion for our job. We are pushful entrepreneurs, with talent, we like what we do and that's why we are successful. 

We like responsible consumption, we are healthy-life friendly, we like vegetarian food and fresh pressed juices, but especially, what we like most, is to be owners of our own business. 

We like to create, innovate and to share.

Mixology has got new ingredients and technology allows us making a revolution in the way we create social relationships, making it happen to see recipes, videos and photos wherever we go and at anytime. Sharing an experience practically live or after a few seconds. A real and virtual mixology. We still can't share virtually flavours or aromas, but there are already people working on this technology. For the moment, describing those sensations is our job and we do it by making them come to you via nice texts, videos, an excellent recipe or a tasteful picture.

Welcome to modern mixology. Welcome to Coctelería Creativa.

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