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Imagen The new kid on the block

The new kid on the block

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For many bartenders, Kammerling's (renamed Kamm & Sons) is perhaps the best product released in 2011. Kamm & Sons Ginseng Spirit is a product arising after mixing unusual botanicals such as ginseng and goji berries among others, but above all is the result of years of one person's work and perseverance. Alex Kammerling. When we tested the product we were interested mostly because of the presence of Ginseng in the mix, but when we learned the story behind, we care more for the person. Is not possible not to be interested in someone who stood up in a market full of big budgets and strong brands. Here is Alex Kammerling: the new kid on the block that is showing that, as he says, anyone can bring a good product to market.


Can you tell me when was the exact moment you started to think about creating a new liquor?
I was working for Millers Gin in 2004 and helped them create the stronger Westbourne Strength version. I thought to myself, ‘I could do that myself!’

Where did you get the inspiration to create a liquor based on unusual ingredients as the Goyi berries, ginkgo biloba or ginseng roots, among others?
I used to give a lot of training presentations on the history of spirits and realized that most of the world’s spirit categories were created to be medicines. I was also inspired by other ex-bartenders such as Gaspare Campari, who created his legend in Milan in the 1860’s using natural botanicals.

If you had only one ingredient to mix Kamm & Sons, what would it be? You can choose a brand or a generic.
Bitter Lemon (although not sure if you have that in Spain).

And with which ingredient (mixer) would you never mix Kamm & Sons? You can choose a brand or a generic.
Actually, I designed Kamm & Sons to be very versatile so I am still trying to find something which it doesn’t go with! Even makes Red Bull taste OK!

Which disease does Kamm & Sons cure?

Now that you have your own product….would you rather choose the art of mixing or the art of selling?
Always the art of Mixing, although it is nice to have a change and focus on being creative through marketing. 

How did you switch from working with vodka to wanting to create a liquor with more than 40 botanicals?
Working for Grey Goose was a stop-gap as I wanted to learn about marketing and selling alcohol. It taught me a lot and I made some very good contacts along the way.

Can you tell us what was your budget at the moment of creating your dream of making a liquor?
I never really had a ‘budget’ just scraped together money when I needed to buy something, but it cost me about £20,000 to get off the ground.


In the creative process, how many recipes or variations did you get to taste until you finally got your definitive Kamm & Sons?
It took me 5 years and hundreds of recipe variations before I was happy with the final mix. I lost count but it was around 150!

Imagine you have an infinite budget, would you keep doing Kamm & Sons handmade?
There is no other way to make it, so yes, Kammerling’s will always be handmade.

What innovation have you set to make a different liquor?
I hope we will see lots of different spirits coming onto the market that break the boundaries of Gin/Vodka/Rum, etc.

In your opinion, what is the value you’ve added to the distillery industry?
That anyone can bring a new product to the market, not just a global drinks giant or a Russian Oligarch.


Would you share with us one of the ingredients of your secret formula not revealed before? And please, share with us what did you like about that ingredient, what is the value this ingredient adds, so that you include it in your formula…
It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you! The one ingredient for me which seems to help in warding off infection and illness is Echinacea. It has well-known benefits for keeping common colds at bay and has worked for me…have not been ill since I started the project!

Share with us your first successful recipe in your early barman years.

Ignorance is Bliss
25ml Citron Vodka
25ml Campari
15ml Passion fruit syrup
35ml Apple juice

Shaken and strained into a Martini glass with a lime wedge squeezed into it. 

Share with us your last recipe with Kamm & Sons.

The Tipping Point
30ml Kamm & Sons
30ml Chase Marmalade Vodka
15ml Punt E Mes

Build over cubed ice in a tumbler and garnished with Orange Zest.

Do you want to say something else?
Looking forward to seeing the reaction of the Spanish market! 

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