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Imagen Sugar’s kingdom ends

Sugar’s kingdom ends

George Restrepo

Although sugar’s kingdom could be for life, honey is getting its way in the mixology world. The main reason is that many barmen –trying to achieve new delicate flavors and aromas in their creations, find limitations in sugar. It only sweetens. In contrast, with the wide range of honeys on the market, with their aromatic and lower caloric sugar intake (25% less), its undeniable ability to naturally sweeten, honey means a powerful differentiation quality tool.

Among the varieties of honey to be used in cocktails we can find the following:

Orange blossom honey: light amber color, aromatic and soft in palate.

Rosemary honey: very light amber color and white when crystallized. It is aromatic and sweet.

Eucalyptus honey: ocher. It is very aromatic with a woody flavor.

Thyme honey: reddish and palatability.

“Viborera” honey: light golden yellow, it has a pleasant scent and flavor.

Bush honey: orange-amber with a reddish hue, viscous and is very sweet and pleasant tasting.

Lavender honey: amber and with lavender flavor tasting.

Honeydew oak: very dark almost black. It smells and tastes bitter malt.

Heather honey: dark mahogany color and slightly bitter.

Polifloral honey: from several blooms, its color is mainly light, very sweet flavor.

The most important thing when using honey in the shaker is to dissolve it before the mix is cold, avoiding the crystallization of the sugars with the cold ice. A recommendation is to dilute the honey in alcohol and the juices that we are going to use mixing them with a teaspoon. Once we have a homogeneous mixture we cold it with the ice in the shaker.

And to heighten this natural ingredient, I created a cocktail in its honor: MAYA REAL (Real Maya), you can read the full recipe here.

Photograph and text: George Restrepo
Original article published in Bar Business Magazine (in Spanish).

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ruben ezquerro think: 3

mi consejo es disolver la miel o los azucares en los zumos ya que en el alcohol no se disuelve.