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Imagen Orange peel seducer

Orange peel seducer

George Restrepo

Although all women dream of having a peach skin, the truth is that orange peel has been seducing them for years. Margarita Sames is an example. She, as a potential creator of one of the world's most famous cocktails, mixed his favorite ingredients in one of the prestigious festivals that she used to give: Tequila, Cointreau (French liqueur marinated with orange peel) and lemon juice, in a glass with salt on the border. It was the Margarita Cocktail, born in the 40's.

It is also said that the Hotel Crespo’s manager in Puebla, by the year 1936, prepared this drink for his girlfriend. Like Carlos Herrera, a famous barman, who prepared to his idolized singer and actress Marjorie King by year 38. In any case, whether these versions are true or false, there is always a direct connection within the Margarita Cocktail with the glamour, the elegance and the loveliness of a woman.

But we can go even further. Consider for a moment the times when spirits, especially tequila, were strong. The alcoholic beverage industry did not have the resources or the knowledge that has today or even the demanding palates that we find nowadays. This raises the need to find mixtures that reduce the perception of these spirits, make it more drinkable and interesting to female tastes. To this end, it was used more liqueurs with fruit content, botanist and creamy, and it is here where Cointreau appeared, a French liquor that is used as an aperitif or after dinner. And it is precisely this liquor that mixed with tequila, finds a balance emphasizing the blue agave citrus and adding so an elegance touch.

The last woman to be seduced by the famous orange peel is the former wife of Marilyn Manson. The modern version of the Pin Up is shocking the whole world with her glamorous striptease as part of the suggestive campaign "Be Cointreauversial," a job that could only be held by the exquisite and sensual brand ambassador Dita Von Teese.

And if you still have doubts about the power of seduction of the French liquor in the hands of Dita, just find the aromas and flavors of the orange peel hided in its legendary recipe.

Photograph and text: George Restrepo
Original article published in Bar Business Magazine (in Spanish).

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