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Vodka Siderit Lactée Rating:3

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DESTILERÍA SIDERIT S.L. is a micro distillery located in Cantabria (North of Spain), that produces Gin and Vodka Siderit in a traditional way.

The Company was born out of the expertise of its founders, Rubén and David, with the aim to produce handcrafted distillates of the highest quality.

This good practice involves using a customized reflux fractional distillation column made entirely of glass.

This equipment prevents cross-contamination, intensifies the distillation and enhances the aromas and the purity of the end product.

The distillates are produced from the finest raw materials, some of them local, which are perfectly blended by the Master distillers to create a unique set of sophisticated distillates.

From the very beginning destilería Siderit was born to accomplish a vision, its founders aimed to produce distillates of the highest quality, from the finest raw materials and with the necessary delicacy to obtain products suitable for the most demanding palates.

The aggregate of these three fundamental pillars: expertise and good practice, high quality raw materials and the best technology, turn out in Siderit distillates, synonym of quality, exclusivity and perfection.


Our London Dry Gin and the Vodka Siderit Lactée are elaborated using a reflux fractional distillation glass equipment, entirely made of borosilicate glass.

This equipment combines the essence of a traditional alembic with the latest technology to obtain a final product free of foreign smells or tastes and without any trace of impurities on its analytics.

Selecting solely the finest raw materials, the natural mineral water used is granted to have the lowest mineral content in the Iberian Peninsule. It comes from Ortigosa del Monte at the northen slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama. A totally pure water that is able to provide our distillates with the necessary stability to endure along the years.

Tasting notes

Siderit Vodka Lactée is an ultra-premium vodka, delicately produced, out of the alcohol obtained from the fermentation of the milk sugars.

After several distillations through a fractioning column, a very pure alcohol with different taste notes is obtained. To close the process, the distillate is diluted with spring water with the lowest mineral content in the Iberian Peninsula, from Ortigosa del Monte at the Northern slope of the mountains of Guadarrama.

Quadruple filtration on a equipment worthy of the best laboratories, with natural filtering materials, that remove any impurity in its itinerary for more than 24 hours.

Finally, the vodka is equilibrated in a tank for a minimum of two months to reach its maximum splendour. From the care and dedication of its creators, Leivas & Prieto, an ultra-premium vodka is born, not able to leave indifferent any of the most experienced taster.


Producer: Destilería Siderit
Type: Vodka
Alcohol Content: 40 % vol.
Country of Origin: Spain
Launch Year: 2014
Raw Material: Milk
Number of distillations: 5
Filtration equipment: Quadruple filtration within 24 hours, with natural filtering materials, purifying the content up to reach one of the purest distillate.

  • Gold Medal for the Product: Spirits Awards Competition of San Francisco 2014
  • Silver Medal for the Product: Concours Mondial of Bruxelles 2014 

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