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Imagen Global Trends Report 2016 by IWSR

Global Trends Report 2016 by IWSR


The Global Trends Report 2016 is the IWSR’s most anticipated report of the year, a culmination of insights and analysis gathered by a team of researchers who have collectively visited 118 countries. The report looks across geographic and category boundaries to identify developments – both individually and in combination – that are helping to reshape the landscape of the global alcoholic drinks market.

Key global findings include:

Most regions and markets worldwide saw consumers trading up to higher-value products last year across a wide range of categories. The trend has manifested itself in several ways in the international drinks market: an explosion in the number of craft producers and brands across every category; the growth of premium niches like mezcal and Japanese whisky; and the revival of aged brown spirits with their image of heritage and quality.

Category blur
Last year witnessed a further erosion of the boundaries between categories. Illustrative of this has been the number of new products launched that span multiple categories, such as ‘speers’ (spirit beers) and ‘spiders’ (spirit ciders). Consumers are showing an increasing willingness to switch categories if another appears more dynamic or fashionable. This has led to migrations not only within spirits, but also in some cases between broader categories.

Consumer evolution
Much has already been written about the importance of Millennial consumers in regions such as North America, Europe and Australasia, where their demand for authentic, engaging and high-quality brands, as well as for new flavours, has been the driving force behind much innovation. However, female consumers are also becoming important in emerging regions such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.
Health consciousness
Almost universally, markets worldwide have been shaped by greater awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and consumer desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Faced with evolving consumer demands, producers have been quick to respond by launching ‘lighter’ drinks with lower alcohol or calories.

Desire for convenience
The enduring appeal of greater convenience has been a driving force behind several recent developments in the alcoholic drinks industry. These include the evolution of new formats, such as canned wines and wines on tap. On the retail side there has been significant growth in online sales, both via supermarkets and specific e-retailers, which allow consumers to order drinks quickly and easily direct to their door.

About the IWSR Global Trends Report 2016
The annual publication of the IWSR Global Trends Report is now in its seventh year. The report pulls together both long-term and emerging trends from the global alcoholic drinks industry. The IWSR Global Trends Report is a selection of the trends that we think will be at the frontline of the drinks industry in the future. It offers unique insight from our researchers, who spent the past six months traveling all over the world to gain an in-depth insight into the latest trends in each market from the people who know it best.

About the IWSR
The IWSR is the leading source of data and analysis on the alcoholic beverage market. The IWSR’s database, essential to the industry, quantifies the global market of wine, spirits, beer and mixed drinks by volume and value, and provides insight into short- and long-term trends. Our data is used by all of the largest multinational wine and spirits companies, as well as many more local companies.
The IWSR’s unique methodology allows us to get closer to what is actually consumed and better understand how markets work. The IWSR conducts face-to-face interviews with over 1,500 companies in 118 countries each year, with further input from 350 companies.
The IWSR tracks overall consumption and trends at brand, quality and category level.

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