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Imagen Coctelería Creativa Team

Coctelería Creativa Team

George Restrepo
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Creative in all his ways. He has been Advertiser, creative director and copy. This study and experience approached him step by step to the world of image. After ten years working for the advertising sector, he decided to make an important change in his professional life and switched to Photography. Nevertheless, finding a good job in this area, with stability and recognition, was more difficult than expected… He worked assisting already well known photographers, but one day he decided to look for his own business; he started a course inside the cocktail branch - a choice, that without knowing at that time - would define his next future. This meant the beginning at the international Cocktail Academy Drinksmotion where he started as a student and ended as instructor for 5 years. So he discovered a profession where he could join all his expert passions: image, creativity and mixology.

Currently he works in Coctelería Creativa, a company he founded to create a space for curious people like him, who want to take the mixology beyond. With creativity, enhancing inventiveness of everybody, allowing ingenious thinking, seeking new original concepts or unusual ideas, sharing that information using the power of technology. 

Moira López
(LinkedIn / Twitter)

Bachelor in Communication Science, Journalist, Master in Corporate Communication, and professional in the Marketing branch for over ten years in different companies (a technology company, a chamber of commerce and a multinational organization leader in the wind enery market). The year 2010 meant for her being suddenly without job in a country where crisis was appearing in every corner. Even if she never gave so much relevance to the word "crisis", she tried to recycle her professional path by doing some courses related to the new trend 2.0, a new specialty in marketing and communication. This economic situation turned into an attractive challenge for her, creating with George Restrepo their own business. It was something she could reach, and has been certainly not an impossible idea. 

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Lo que digo es que este sitio está muy bueno. Es lo que andaba buscando. Sólo tengo una duda: ¿por qué no tenéis la receta para el sweet martini?

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